Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hashtag Cebu

I've never hashtagged a place so much in my life. Cebu truly deserves it. It's a fun little place that's rapidly transforming into a sprawling metropolis, minus the traffic jams and general chaotic vibe everyone in Manila's been complaining about.

I went with my sister and cousin, so my cultural/nature trip was also a great chance to reconnect with family.

It surely is.

International fare at Feria at the Radisson Blu. This restaurant makes its own ice cream. They have 40 different awesome flavors! Also the hotel's next to SM Cebu. How convenient!

Good to know.

Capiz walls accentuate the hotel's function halls.

Radisson Blu's May and our tour guide Al take a picture with us in the extravagant lobby.

Similar to Intramuros, but more peaceful.

Every corner is a selfie addict's dream.

The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod is made of very light material that can float in the water. Cool.

SM is building a mall that's said to be bigger that Mall of Asia. In the South Reclamation Area.

Magellan's Cross, erected in the 1500's, was slightly damaged when the earthquake struck in Bohol, a neighboring province.

It needs reinforcement for the time being, but will soon be repaired and look brand new!

We lit candles at the Sto. Nino Basilica.

The earthquake damaged some parts of it.

It's still being debated, but many say this is the oldest house in Cebu, the Yap-Santiago ancestral house. 

It's now a museum, full of religious ornaments and artifacts that date back to the Spanish are.

Cool family portrait!

An ancient iron. Load it with charcoal and use it asap/

A birthing chair, right by the window.

Back then the houses had big windows.

Pasalubong shopping.

Danggit. It smells like death but it's soooo good.


A popular barbecue place that serves all things grilled and cold beer.

The largest factory that makes dried mangoes and other related products.

Their shop's awesome and cheap!

World-class guitars made in Cebu.

Nice wall art at the Shangrila Mactan.

Mango daiquiris with Zoe and Carlo

Take home lechon from the best lechon place in Cebu - CNT!

Island hopping and snorkeling trip.

More pasalubong shopping.

Shangrila Mactan's Chi Spa

Couples can go on an exclusive date in some pockets of paradise at the Shangrila.

Cultural dance presentation at the Buko Bar at the Shang.

I forced Zoe to join in!

The pool at the Shang has a basketball ring.